MeXOXO – JUNE 2019

The first Commitment Day organized by MeXOXO, a non-profit organization sponsored by the French Embassy and the Greek-French Innovation Network Mazinnov, was organized for the first time in our country on Wednesday, 26th June 26th.

MeXOXO Founder and CEO Ms. Hope Kokkota welcome along with the French Ambassador, Christophe Chantepy and Mazinnov’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Olivier Dovergne, their honored guests, among whom were political andĀ  business repsesentatives, journalists and teachers.

Keynote Speakers of the event were also important representatives of our country’s business scene, including Mrs. Sissi Iliopoulou, Public Affairs & Communications Manager Greece, Cyprus, Malta at The Coca-Cola Company, Mrs. Melina Taprantzi of Wise Greece, Gilda Mazarakis, Mrs. Danai Bezandakou President iforU – CEO Navigator Shipping Consultants, Mrs. Diana Voutirakou, Olympic Robotics, Founder of Unique Minds and one of X’s women by Blueground, Mrs. Constantina Karanika from participating in programs of MeXOXO and Mrs. Sophia Kouvelakis from the body The Home Project.

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