Konstantinos Kounadis
Deputy Director Issuer Support Division of Athens Exchange S.A. – ATHEX – SHIPPING: Why to Navigate with us for your Shipping Investment Projects.

Konstantinos has studied in the Department of Economics at the University of Athens and continued his studies by acquiring an MBA from St. John?s University in New York, specializing in International Finance.

Recently, he became a Deputy Director of Marketing at Athens Exchange where he is responsible for listing companies on Athens Exchange, running all business development between issuers and investment banks, top institutional, funds and other legal entities that taking place on the IPO process. In his previous role, as Head of Licensing Information products and services, at Athens Exchange, he led the audit/compliance policies and licensing business resulting in material positive changes to the organization and revenues in a ? 5m+ business. He was responsible for the commercialization of information products and for the identification of commercial opportunities relating to ATHEX indices, in addition to all market data products of ATHEX. The market data business, previously under his control, accounted for over 25% of total group annual revenues having previously only accounted for 5% in 2003. He also developed strong relationships with new and existing information vendors from across the globe, which enabled him to obtain competitive legal and commercial terms for the provision of data. He took the initiative of hosting the World Financial Information Forum (WFIC), in October 2009, in Athens and He was responsible on behalf of ATHEX as a main coordinator of this global event. He is with Athens Exchange more than 11 years.