Vangeli Katsimantis

Commercial Director, Carbon Positive – Carbon Emissions.

In 1989 Vangeli obtained a BA in Business Administration from Richmond College in London and in 1990 an MA Degree in European Economics & Politics from Reading University in Berkshire. He then joined an international ship owning group spending almost 18 years between their London and Athens offices involved with all areas of ship management both commercial and technical. At age 34 he was Managing Director and at 37 CEO to Alpha Tankers & Freighters International Ltd., part of the same Group. In 2007 he left to join Cardiff Marine S.A. in Athens for a short consultancy stint and then went on to create more independent shipping ventures spanning from ship broking and finance to third party ship management. During his 20-year shipping career Vangeli has amassed considerable experience on ship management and has developed and maintained a wide network of key international contacts. As a keen environmentalist and a seasoned shipping person he has taken to heart the aspirations of CP and is determined to see the international shipping community embracing its input in a pro-active and constructive way.