NAVIGATOR 2003 Maritime Conference was organized on the 4th of March 2003 in LEDRA MARRIOTT HOTEL, under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine, in cooperation with the University of Piraeus / Department of Maritime Studies and the Embassies of Argentina, Brazil, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Philippines and was completed with great success.


The opening address of the Conference was made by Chief Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice Admiral Christos Delimichalis on behalf of the Minister of the Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine, Mr. Giorgos Anomeritis, who was not able to attend. Adm. Delimichalis underlined the continuous success of NAVIGATOR Conferences and also mentioned the contribution of the Hellenic Coast Guard to the protection of the seas and the quality of services provided to the vessels.


The Ambassadors of Argentina, Philippines and South Africa also addressed short speeches during the Conference. Mr. Paul Alberto , the Ambassador of Argentina, Mr. Diego Palmieri (Director) and Jorge Braun (Operations Director) of AGENCIA MARITIMA NABSA.


The audience was impressed by Mr. Emmanuel Vordonis’, Executive Director of THENAMARIS INC. presentation titled “ A LANGUAGE FOR THE ROOT” that proved that for every problem there is always a solution as long as we find the way to get to the root of the problem so that we can implement the right communication tactics for its solution.


The Operations Manager of EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN Mr. Gabriel Haldezos during his speech referred to the problems that may arise in the co-operation between Greek Shipping Companies and Agencies worldwide and suggested some significant solutions.


In addition, Capt. Dimitris Bezantakos, President of NAVIGATOR LTD. in his greeting underlined the importance of this annual meeting that NAVIGATOR Conference represents, which contributes first and foremost to strengthening of the personal relations among the participants of the world shipping field which are irreplaceable, despite the advancements in technology.


The Managing Directors of the following Companies represented by NAVIGATOR LTD. also constituted the Conference’s main speakers.


COUNTRY                                                                                      MEMBER
ARGENTINA                                                                                   AGENCIA MARITIMA NABSA S.A
BRAZIL                                                                                            WILLIAMS (SERVICOS MARITIMOS) LTDA
INDIA                                                                                              ATLANTIC SHIPPING PVT. LTD.
SOUTH AFRICA                                                                              KING & SONS (PTY) LTD
SAUDI ARABIA                                                                               GLOBE MARINE SERVICES CO.
PHILIPPINES /LAY UP FACILITIES                                                ASIA PACIFIC CHARTERING PHIL., CO
PHILIPPINES/TOWING CO.                                                           CABRAS MARINE CORPORATION