“NAVIGATOR –  The Shipping Decision Makers Forum”, is being held on an annual basis since 2001 and constitutes a great “think tank” opportunity among the Greek and International Shipping community.

The Forum was an initiative of NAVIGATOR’s team, aiming at bringing together the leading experts of the worldwide maritime cluster, to discuss and analyze the crucial matters of the Shipping Industry and achieve an up to date brainstorming which not only raises awareness but also brings solutions.

We are very proud to know that our Forum has been the starting point of long term synergies between participating Companies.

Throughout the years, the event has been attended by more than 10,000 prominent personalities of the Greek and International shipping community from more than 50 countries and has become one of the most traditional get together events of the shipping community.


















Taking part in the forum presented a rare opportunity to discuss in considerable depth the challenges that the global shipping community faces in relation to decarbonisation, with numerous representatives of key stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. This only confirmed the multitude of factors and angles that are relevant when it comes to tackling decarbonisation and the united front that shipping urgently needs to demonstrate in dealing with the regulators and all those with the necessary political power to have an impact on the global efforts towards decarbonisation

Dimitris Anassis

Partner, Hill Dickinson

As a sponsor but also a participant in the round table discussion on decarbonization in the marine industry, I found the exchange of ideas and perspectives incredibly enlightening. It's evident that there is a collective commitment towards sustainable solutions to mitigate carbon emissions in the maritime sector. I commend the organizers for facilitating such a crucial dialogue and look forward to seeing tangible actions emerge from our discussions to drive positive change in the industry.

Stelios Katsanis

Sales Manager, INMARTEK LTD

A well-constructed event, thoroughly prepared, open minded, specifically subject oriented, valuable shipping parties participated with a mouth full of perspectives and ideas. Keep up, and be strong for many more!!

Vassilis Kamitsis

Regional Technical Manager, The Marshall Islands Registry

Kudos to Navigator Shipping Consultants and the Bezantakou family for charting once again a course to success with this year’s SMART SHIPPING - NAVIGATOR ASSEMBLY 2024! As sponsors, Oriani is proud to have been part of an event that not only navigated the seas of knowledge but also anchored vibrant exchanges among maritime professionals.

Philip Nielsen

Co-founder - Oriani Hellas

MarineTraffic, now part of Kpler - the world's primary source for global trade intelligence, has always been at the forefront of empowering efficiency through data technology. Our passion to power transition towards a more sustainable future has led us to support once again the Smart Shipping Navigator Assembly as sponsors and delegates. We would like to sincerely thank the organisers and fellow participants for sharing their invaluable insights, which will drive the Assembly's decisions and outcomes in the coming months.

Panos Dragounis

Global Director New Business, MARINETRAFFIC-KPLER

In Fortune Technologies we were grateful to be part of such an impactful Conference as this year’s Navigator Assembly 2024 sharing insights with shipping professionals. We Forged The Future on Smart Shipping as we are all coping with the pace of new technological updates which will reshape the whole industry in the near future.

Thodoris Sofianopoulos

Business Development Executive, Fortune Technologies

We were honored to participate in the knowledge exchange and discuss with our peers from within the maritime industry but also from adjacent sectors, the real meaning of SMART Shipping, the opportunities it creates but also the challenges it presents and how, as an industry we can be part of the greater ecosystem to overcome the challenges and maximise our efficiency.

Natalia Bury Loyal


Once again, the attendance to your Event of such a large number of prominent shipping executives and other important personalities has demonstrated how successful and popular this institution is for the shipping status quo. I wish you wholeheartedly to continue in the future with the same success in organizing events that highlight the importance of Greek Μerchant Shipping.

Nicos Vernicos


“One can only be impressed with your level of professionalism, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Thank you for being such good hosts, business partners and friends.”

Jeff Horst

Vice President of Sales & Marketing-Foss Maritime