Danae Bezantakou participated in this important Seminar that was held in Athens in June 2013.

With less than a year to go until the 2014 European Parliament elections,urgent questions are arising about the direction of the European project, its validity, and whether or not radical changes will be needed so that the European Union may maintain its position in an increasingly globalised world. The European Young Leaders: ‘40 under 40’ programme, led by EuropaNova and Friends of Europe, gathers 40 of Europe’s accomplished citizens from across countries and sectors, all under the age of 40, in order to meet, discuss, and create a network of European opinion leaders.

The second meeting of the 2012-13 European Young Leaders was held in Athens on 13-15 June 2013 and included workshops on specific policy issues and discussions with Greek Young Leaders and politicians. The European Young Leaders were given the opportunity to delve deeper into the complexities of the Greek crisis and develop common understandings of the key issues currently at stake in the EU.

“The EU is lagging behind in the development of soft power and citizen networks,” stressed Thomas Houdaille, Director of EuropaNova. “We are in a period where new leaders need to step forward and develop commonalities. The objective in the long run is to gain understanding and foster engagement on European issues.”