NAVIGATOR S.A. through its Managing Director, Mrs. Danae Bezantakou, participated in one of the most important Shipping Events of the Year, the Invest for the Future Women’s Conference in Istanbul, Turkey on January 24-26, 2011.

Mrs. Danae Bezantakou had been selected among 8 (eight) Greek women entrepreneurs in accordance with the professional experience, activities and course and the participation was funded by the U.S. Department of State.

Invest for the Future represents the United States’ commitment to investing in the future of women in the Southern and Eastern European and Eurasian regions by increasing their economic opportunities and enhancing partnerships with Western European countries, European multilateral organizations, professional associations, universities, and the private sector.

The Conference took place in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Instanbul, Turkey, with the attendance of 150 women entrepreneurs from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey. Please feel free to visit the website in order to find the Video of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played at the Invest for the Future Conference on 01/24/2011 and the Ambassador Melanne Verveer Remarks.

Among the participants were the Swedish State Secretary, Catharina Hakansson Boman, the Minister for the Economy of Georgia, Vera Kobalia, the representatives from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Finance Corporation, members of the U.S. embassies and consulates, like Consul General Scott Kilner and his staff in Istanbul.

The attendees also included Asli Bilgin, Web Strategy Lead for Middle East and Africa of MICROSOFT Corporation, Rachel Kyte, VP-Business Advisory Services of International Finance Corporation, Dilek Bil, President of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey, Diana Brown, Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the United States of America in Greece, Leila Kamgar, Public Diplomacy Officer of the Buraeu of European and Eurasian Affairs in Washington, DC and Natika Washington, Foreign Assistance Administrative Officer / Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues in Washington, DC.