Dr. Anna Maria Kotrikla

Assistant Professor.
Department of Shipping.
Transport and Trade – University of the Aegean.

Dr. Anna Maria Kotrikla is an assistant professor in the Department of Shipping, Transport, and Trade, University of the Aegean, Greece in the field of Environmental Technology and Management for Shipping and Transport. She obtained a BSc in Physics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and PhD in Environmental Science at the University of the Aegean.

Her research interests include the study of the effects of shipping and transport on the marine and atmospheric environment and the development of policies for the protection of the environment from shipping and transport. She is currently working on the estimation of air pollutant emissions and the modelling of their dispersion in the urban atmospheric environment. She has participated in several research projects in the fields of water and air quality. She is the author of one book entitled “Shipping and the Environment” (in Greek) and more than 40 papers in conferences and peer reviewed journals.

She teaches the courses Management and Protection of the Environment, Transport and the Environment, Maritime Environmental Management and Management of Natural and Energy Resources.