Dr. Maria Progoulaki
Maritime HR Consultant / Research Associate, Shipping and Ports Laboratory (RE-SHIPS), University of the Aegean, Dept. of Shipping, Trade and Transport

Dr. Maria Progoulaki is a Maritime Economist. She works as a Maritime HR Consultant, independently and in cooperation with Global Marine Solutions consulting company in St. John’s, Canada. She is also a Research Associate in Shipping and Ports Laboratory, University of the Aegean and a Lecturer at the American College of Athens. Her research interests focus on maritime human resources, management of multicultural crew and maritime education and training. She has worked as a Safety & Quality Manager in a Crew Management company in Greece.

She has teaching experience since 2002 in University of the Aegean and Bremen University of Applied Sciences. She has also experience in professional training seminars and distance learning courses. Her research experience includes a number of international, European and national projects, focusing on maritime education and training, Greek shipping, maritime labour, and others. She holds a Bachelor and a Master in Shipping, Trade and International Transport, and a Ph.D. from University of the Aegean. She has been a scholar of the European Commission and the Propondis Foundation, and has received a number of prizes and distinctions.

Contact: [email protected]