Georgios Dimitrakopoulos
Former Deputy & Vice President of European Parliament and currently an International & Economic Affairs Analyst

Georgios  Dimitrakopoulos is an International Relations Analyst who has studied Public Law and Political Science at the University of Athens , International Relations at American University, Washington D.C and International Law and Diplomatic History at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy ,Tufts University,  Boston MA.  He has seen long service in International Affairs having served as Information Officer at the Press Office of the Greek Embassy in Washington D.C, as an advisor for international  affairs of  the Greek Prime Minister (1983-1986) and the Greek Minister for Foreign Affairs (1986-1989). He was elected as  a  member of the European Parliament in 1994 and kept being reelected until 2009. During his tenure at the Parliament he has been a member of  the  Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the Parliament  as well as of various Parliamentary delegations ,  and for a period of time he has been the  second vice president of the Institution.  He has worked as a collumnist  and editorial advisor  in Greek newspapers ( Elefteria of Larissa and Elefterotypia). He has written  many articles on International Affairs and participated in relevant conferences in Greece , Europe and the US, and has edited a book on the European Constitution.  Currently,  he is engaged in writing  on International Developments  and in  consulting on European and International Affairs.