Hugo Du Mez
Advisor Business Intelligence – Dry Bulk, Port of Rotterdam

Profile Hugo du Mez
Hugo du Mez (1958, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) has a BA in information sciences from the University of Applied Sciences in The Hague. After working for several years at the local municipal power company, he joined the Port of Rotterdam Authority in 1986.

Hugo has worked at the Port Authority in several management functions. In this time he was responsible for market research, strategic planning, benchmarking and commodity flow forecasts.

Since August 2014 Hugo has the function of Advisor on Energy and Dry Bulk within the Business Analysis & Intelligence department of the Rotterdam Port Authority.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority
The objective of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to enhance the port of Rotterdam’s competitive position as a logistics hub and a world-class industrial complex. The Port Authority manages, operates and develops the port and industrial area of Rotterdam. The Port Authority is also responsible for maintaining the safe and smooth handling of shipping in the port area.

“The Port of Rotterdam Authority develops, in partnership, the premier world-class European port.”

“We continuously improve the port of Rotterdam, to make it the most efficient, safe and sustainable port in the world. We create value for our customers by developing logistics chains, networks and clusters, both in Europe and in growth markets worldwide. As an entrepreneurial port developer, the Port Authority is the partner for world-class customers in market segments such as the petrochemical industry, the energy industry, and transport & logistics, while at the same time we are strengthening the competitive position of the Netherlands as a whole.”

The port
The port of Rotterdam’s annual throughput amounts to some 460 million tonnes. This makes the port of Rotterdam the largest port in Europe. The port area includes 12,500 ha (land and water, of which 6,000 ha is business sites). The total length of the port area is more than 40 km. Approximately 30,000 seagoing vessels and 110,000 inland vessels visit the port of Rotterdam every year.