Ilias Bissias

Director of NAFTIKA CHRONIKA Magazine, Lecturer at ALBA Graduate Business School.

Ilias Bissias, Director of NAFTIKA CHRONIKA Magazine and Member of the Research in Shipping and Ports Laboratory (RESHIP/ EDINALE) of the University of the Aegean, Visiting Lecturer at ALBA Graduate Business School Ilias G. Bissias is a lawyer, member of the Athens Bar and the Director of the acclaimed and award winning magazine shipping magazine Naftika Chronika (published since 1931) and a visiting lecturer in International Maritime Policy at the ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens. Since 2008 he is also a Research and Teaching Fellow at the University of the Aegean. In the past he has also worked for the European Commission (1999-2002) and held the position of legal correspondent for Greece in the areas of air transport law and policy.

He is co-author with Dr Thanos Pallis of Epilego Naftilia, the first Pan-Hellenic academic publication on the sociological profile of young students at Maritime and Marine Educational Institutions and Universities. He has also participated in various programs and academic researches on Contemporary Maritime Politics and History, Maritime Education and on the Social Image of Shipping. In 2009 he was invited by the US State Department to visit the US on the IV Leadership Program. His trip focused on Maritime education and crisis/ disaster management in specific States with maritime tradition. Ilias holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Law from the University of London (LSE).