Michael Lund
Deputy Secretary General, BIMCO

Michael Lund is Deputy Secretary General responsible for BIMCO’s Membership Development, offices in Asia, training and the shipping Market Analysis activities. Born in Denmark, Michael Lund graduated from Copenhagen University in 1992 with a Master of Science in Economics degree, which focused on international trade and politics. He then held a series of posts relating to political and economic issues in Danish government administrations, including participation in World Trade Organization (WTO) and EU negotiations. In 1999, Michael moved to the shipping industry, joining the Danish Shipowners’ Association. After several years working at the Association in Copenhagen, Michael moved to Brussels in 2003 where he represented shipowners by focusing on regulatory developments in the EU. He returned to the Association’s headquarters in 2007 to concentrate on Greenhouse Gases. In December 2007, Michael joined BIMCO because he relished the challenge and opportunity of working in an international shipping environment.