Panos G. Moraitis
Managing Director of Aspida Maritime Security

Panos G. Moraitis was born and raised in Piraeus, Greece in a family with close ties to the Shipping market. Panos entered the maritime sector professionally the day he turned 18 whilst being a full time student in the American College of Greece, studying Management with focus on International Business. At this initial stepping stone he joined one of the leading greek shipping companies as an intern. In due time, he joined the family business and for the next 10 years he was in charge of greek marine sales on behalf of global corporations. Throughout his already long career and driven by his pursuit for safer, environmentally friendlier and more efficient ships, Panos in 2008 expressed his interest about Maritime Security. A year after thoughtful and intense preparation, Panos surrounded by a panel of Maritime Security experts, launched ‘Aspida Maritime Security Corp’. Being the first Company in Greece dealing exclusively with Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy, Aspida is already well known for providing excellent services to customers worldwide. As of now, at 33, Panos, Aspida’s CEO, carries the experience of a 15 year career in the maritime industry, yet still pioneer and highly motivated to bring Maritime Security up to par with Shipping standards.