Prof. Ioannis Tzoannos

Athens University of Economics and Business

Prof. Ioannis Tzoannos has had a long-standing career working within the fields of economics and maritime trade. Prof. Tzoannos has served as a member of the Hellenic Parliament and numerous Parliamentary Committees and programs. He has been a noted academic lecturer for over twenty-five years and has been published in academic journals throughout the EU on such topics as Applied Economics, Shipping Policy, Financial Structure of Companies and M&A. He has been affiliated with the Athens University of Economics and Business, where he most currently serves as a Full Professor, since 1977.

Prof. Tzoannos served as Secretary General of the former Ministry of Mercantile Marine From March 2004 until October 2009.

Prof. Tzoannos received his formal education in England, with his undergraduate work completed at the University of Manchester, Masters Degree in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Southampton and finally his Ph.D. in Industrial Economics from the University of Birmingham.