On Tuesday, September 27th 2022, Danae Bezantakou attended the opening of the “Irina” shelter in the centre of Athens, dedicated to children refugees and their mothers from Ukraine. This was an initiative of the organisation Together For Children NGO (Mazi gia to Paidi) and Bezantakos family is among the project’s supporters, since it is important to stay together in these difficult times….
We are all together for children…!

In the photo below along with Danae Bezantakou you may see
Domna Maria Michailidou Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Sergii Shutenko Ambassador of Ukraine in Greece
Katerina Gagaki, Vice Mayor of Social Solidarity and Civil Society in Athens Representatives from the Board of Directors of the organisation and the project’s sponsors.

Further below is the plaque listing all the sponsors that supported the initiative, among which is Bezantakos family!