WIMA Exhibition and Conference

Navigator Shipping Consultants proudly participated in WIMA’s Members Exhibition and Conference organisation held on 22nd-23rd of November, 2023, at the Stone Warehouse of PPA, marking a groundbreaking inaugural event.
Attendees immersed themselves in the dynamic network of WIMA, gaining valuable insights into our industry’s technological advancements and materials. The exhibition provided a platform for live demonstrations, offering visitors opportunities to discover innovative solutions to enhance their services and businesses.
Danae Bezantakou expertly moderated the ESG panel during the WIMA Exhibition. Distinguished speakers, including Pinelopi Kassani (Partner at Moore Greece), Georgia Papadogianni (Regional Crew Management Partner at V.Ships Greece), and Stavros Chionopoulos (Assistant Professor, Department of Naval Architecture, University of West Attica), delved into the fundamental pillars of ESG implementation. They underscored the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in driving effective and sustainable change.

The second day of the exhibition focused on the crucial theme of education, featuring Domna Michailidou, Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs. The event drew a diverse audience, including high school and university students, emphasizing the significance of knowledge dissemination in shaping the future of our industry. Navigator Shipping Consultants was honored to contribute to this enriching experience, fostering collaboration and innovation within the maritime community.